4 ways to enjoy Rice Paper

Today, we will share 4 recipes that you can make with rice paper.
Hopefully, they are enough to use all of your rice paper!

Salmon Summer Rolls

With smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber as filling served with a tangy lemongrass and mayo dipping sauce. Those rolls are fresh, tasty and healthy and can be enjoyed as a snack or light lunch!

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Deep Fried Spring Rolls with Red Curry

Crispy spring rolls filled with Thai red curry.
Party-perfect recipe, packed with Thai flavours!
Cooking tip: Check all sides to make sure there are no loose ends on the wrapper. This ensures the filling won't escape when frying.

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Banana Choco Spring Rolls

Banana Chocolate Spring Rolls Mind blowing recipe using Rice Paper Wrapper in a different way !
A special treat for chocoholics ...
Spring rolls for dessert ... scrumptious!

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Salmon Steamed Rice Paper

Up your salmon game with this simple recipe! Wrapping your salmon and veggies in soft rice paper adds texture and completely transforms a simple fish dish into a mouth-watering experience.

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