Thai foods for kids!

Rice noodles
Delicious Thai recipes for kids

Thai foods for kids, versatile, 5 Thai recipes for the whole family!

Thai food has all the amazing qualities that you search for when planning kids meals. The ingredients are fresh, the prep time is quick & the flavours can win over the pickiest eater. There is one very important aspect of Thai food however, that can throw a rather large spanner into a peaceful family dining experience..... chilli ! It is important to remember to mention ‘not spicy’ when ordering for family members that do not enjoy eating spicy food . Here are our top tips for yummy thai food that kids will love.

1. Spring Rolls

Not needing too much of an introduction as we are all quite partial to the odd spring roll. Thai spring rolls are made with ground meat or vegetarian, matchstick cut carrots, sliced cabbage and thinly sliced onion and vermicelli noodles all wrapped up in rice paper.

There is no mystery chilli hiding in these little delights and they are always a kid favourite.

Thai Fried Rice
Thai fried rice is loaded with vegetables, all stir fried

2. Fried Rice

Thai fried rice is a combination of cooked rice, egg and smaller sliced vegetables, fried together and flavoured with a combination of lime juice, soy sauce and fish sauce ( best to ask for no chillies).

You can easily add pork or chicken mince for extra protein. This is a great option for kids that are not fans of a big plate of veggies.

3. Pad Thai

A very popular Thai dish of stir fried rice noodles mixed with bean sprouts, vegetables, egg and a choice of tofu, chicken or beef.

Pad thai is very light on the spice but crushed peanuts are usually sprinkled on top, so you may want to omit these for any child with a nut allergy.

Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay, kids can't resist them!

4. Chicken satay

Chicken satay is very popular with kids and they cannot get enough of these chicken skewers served with a delicious peanut sauce and grilled to tasty perfection.

An easy to handle snack full of taste with not much spice.

Mango Sticky Rice
Mango sticky rice is the most popular Thai desserts

5. Mango sticky rice

We cannot go past this sweet treat for the kids and a firm favourite for all ages. A heavenly dessert of glutinous (sticky rice) sweetened with coconut milk and served with perfectly ripened mango slices on top.

A very filing and satisfying delight that is sure to bring a happy little grin and a full belly to even the pickiest of little humans.